We treat you as you

No two businesses are the same, so why would any two insurance plans be? By getting to know your business we can identify risk and advise on the insurance cover that you actually need. Think of it as bespoke tailoring - one-size-fits-all never fits anyone perfectly.

We innovate and originate

You might be surprised to know that us insurance types can be creative too. But when it comes to creating the best policy, we don’t settle for box ticking - thinking outside of the box helps us to create the most cost-effective plan for you. Our team are always looking for innovative ways to get the best cover for you.

We give you your very own account manager

Think of it as having a new member of the team (without an extra head for the Christmas party). Your dedicated account manager will be with you from the start. It makes perfect sense to us that the person who gets to know your business when they arrange your policy is there for you through the life of it.

We're there when you need us

If you ever have to make a claim, we’re with you. There’s no getting round the fact it’s likely to be a stressful time. So we’re happy to sit in insurance meetings and to translate complex insurance company speak. Above all, we’ll work hard to get things back to normal for you as soon as possible. That’s why your account manager will be on hand outside normal working hours as such times too.

We never ever take you for granted

Lots of people stumble into a renewed insurance contract. We won’t let you. Eight weeks before your renewal is due we’ll be in touch to review your cover. We can advise on any changes and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Call us needy, but we’d rather you stayed with us because you want to.

We promise

This is simply our standard promise to you. When we can, we’ll do all the above and go beyond. Doing more is just what we do.